Employ abilities!

Strategic Plan


  1. Begin providing or grow services in Adams, Ross, Pike, Scioto, Clinton, Fayette and Highland Counties by the end of 2018.
  2. Build relationships with OOD and County Boards of DD in those Counties as well.
  3. Continue to build relationships with businesses in the Counties we serve
  4. Maintain a 75% placement rate
  5. Join Chamber’s in all 7 counties
  6. Use in promotions our long history and great reputation
  7. Continue to work with CARF to maintain accreditation for services we offer to OOD and DD services.
  8. Expand our accreditation to include at least 1 additional service by 2019.
  9. Develop fund Balance procedures
  10. Develop investment procedures.
  11. Have an incentive program in place by July of 2017 for employees with perfect attendance and perfect paperwork
  12. Offer Health, Life, Vision, and Dental Insurance by July 2017
  13. Have an incentive program in place by July of 2017 for participants with perfect attendance
  14. Develop a training program for coaches and dsp positions before they start working with participants by 7/15/2017
  15. Develop a new supervisor training program by 7/15/17
  16. Start soliciting vehicle donations immediately.
  17. Obtain 2 cars by 3/1/17, 3 additional cars by 5/26/17, and 2 vans by 5/26/17
  18. Revenues from the Dash will be earmarked for vehicles
  19. Research vehicle grants
  20. Update website by 3/1/2017.
  21. Develop Marketing Schedule for 2017
  22. Develop 2nd annual fundraiser beginning fall 2017
  23. Develop Fund Development Plan to begin in 2018
  24. Secure a second location for recycling in the Highland County Area immediately.
  25. Identify a second location in another county for a second work center by 12/31/2017
  26. Work with auditors to have a clean end of the year for 2016.
  27. Have an incentive program for participants who work by 3/1/2017
  28. Work with the companies we have contracts with to develop more useful financial reporting
  29. Work with the Highland County Board of DD and OOD to develop a schedule and curriculum for Food Service Training by 3/1/2017.
  30. Have a Community Transportation program in place by 7-15-2017
  31. Work with OOD and the County Boards of DD in all 7 counties to expand our summer youth program to work with 50 youth by 5/15/2017
  32. Expand our contracts division by 2 contracts by December 31, 2017 and by 3 additional by December 2018
  33. Diversify funding into other areas with additional contracts and increased work with OOD
  34. Join Ohio Rehabilitation Association (ORA), Ohio Provider Resource Association (OPRA), Source America
  35. Work closely with legislatures, parents and guardians to provide information as to why work centers are needed. Include on website by 3/1/2017
  36. Grow OOD to reduce effects of cycling
  37. Review client tracking software and have selection by 7/1/2017